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Full stack developer available – very strong on Frontend or Backend

Competence Summary: Experience writing an automated test and CI/CD scripts. Debugging to find root causes, running benchmarks and making decisions based on data. Experience working in Paired Programming, Extreme Programming (XP) and Test Driven Development (TDD) Designed and implemented an architecture for a large codebase that is scalable, maintainable, and testable. Multiple stacks that have

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Engage our Ecommerce Developer – Immediate start

Deep understanding of complete, modern hosting stacks Understanding of web technologies; Apache, NGINX, Redis, Memcached Knowing where most bottlenecks occur and reasons why they occur The relationship between the technologies Analyze/troubleshoot via logs and other sources of information to provide infrastructure and application teams a good starting point for deep reviews Experienced with New Relic

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Java Developers

Knowledge in networking (OSI layers, TCP/IP, VLAN, L3 switches) preferred. Source control using Git Development in popular Java Spring Framework(Spring MVC + Spring Boot), ORM (Hibernate, MyBatis), and Apache libraries. Linux OS, Apache, Tomcat, Restful API, PostgreSQL Database design, Performance tuning and optimization Secure programming. Test Driven Development (TDD)

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JavaScript Frameworks For WordPress Developers

With the introduction of a JSON REST API, JavaScript is entering the WordPress world in a big way. Theme and plugin developers are taking advantage of JavaScript to build new and exciting integrations with WordPress. The developer is creating front-end applications for WordPress, including themes, will build their projects using a JavaScript framework. JavaScript frameworks

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Embedded Linux C++ Developer

Strong in C and C++ Integrating with open-source applications Strong proficiency in Linux platform, and common embedded Linux development tools (i.e. compilers, linkers, and debuggers) Development integrating with embedded Linux Strong proficiency in Qt open-source widget toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces as well as cross-platform applications Familiar with embedded systems design, low-level hardware interactions Memory

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Professional support

QRInno provides you with professional support for numerous Open Source projects, that are of crucial or strategic importance in the IT infrastructures of many companies today. "This way you safeguard the use of Open Source software similarly to proprietary, commercial software. Make use of the advantages of free and Open Source software. Our

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Support of Open Source software

In order to secure the use of Open Source software as much, if not even more than the use of commercial products, QRInno offers a completely equivalent substitute for the support of Open Source software, which most of the time does not have the manufacturer support. "Odoo is a business solution software that

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Application on Open Platform

Application include, amongst others, CRM and sales management, manufacturing, warehouse management, accounting, human resources, project management, logistics, eCommerce platform, and website Competence & Engagement. "Open Platform allows you to start easily with one module to fit a specific need then add additional modules as and when you need them, enabling you to have as

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Host your infrastructure

If you wish us to, we can also take over operations and host your infrastructure with a modern and efficient data center. " DevOps Administration Software management Patch management Deployments Security services Monitoring Hosting and data center services Packaging " Not only can we recommend numerous Open Source projects,

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